July 23-26


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Welcome speech EUSA President

Dear friends,


I am happy to greet you at the 7th Karate Championship in Zabljak, Montenegro!


On behalf of the whole EUSA community let me express my appreciation for having been invited here. I value the opportunity to share with you upcoming emotions of joy and excitement, which all of us expect fromthis event. It's a pleasure for me to see, that so many young people gathered here are keen on sport and support the ideals of fair play, wqual opportunities, volunteering and education through sport, fostered by EUSA.


19 European Universities Championships to take place this year, the biggest number ever in EUSA history, give a  great chance for student-athletes to test their skills and feel a part of European university sport community.


Being here we all serve a common goal - uniting cultures through sport and advertising the power of mind,body and will. Thus, I want to thank the Organizing committee and other communities involved in the hosting of the Championship for a greaf job they have done. I also want to thank all Authorities for their support and contribution to the event.


I'm sure, at this Championhip athletes will perform at their best, competing in a fair play manner, respecting the rule and the opponents and will evoke admiration from the spectators.


I hope you will enjoy your stay, I hope you will be satisfied with your results, I hope you will meet new friends and bring back home only wonderful memories.


And I also hope to see you next year at EUSA European University Games 2016 in Zagreb/Rijeka!


Good luck to everyone!


Adam Roczek,

EUSA President


European Universities Karate Championship 2015 will be organized by Student Sports Association of Montenegro and will be held in Zabljak, Montenegro.

Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting spots in the world. Even though it covers solely around 14.000 km2 and it only has about 670.000 citizens, its contribution to the world cultural heritage is impressive comparing its size. Montenegro is a southern European and a Mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states and it comes out on the south part of the Adriatic Sea. About 500km from Rome, 1.500 km from Paris, and Berlin, and about 2.000km west from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.

There is nowhere else that you can find, in such a small place, so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and gorgeous mountains – like you can in the small country of Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy the evening walks in the Montenegrin mountains. Montenegro is a place that cannot leave you indifferent.  


Zabljak  is a small town in Northern Montenegro. It has a population of 1,937. Zabljak is the seat of Zabljak Municipality (2003 population: 4,204). The town is in the centre of the Durmitor mountain region and with an attitude of 1,456 metres, it is highest  situated town on the Balkans.


The first name of the place was "Varezina voda" possibly because of the strong source of drinkable water nearby, making a settlement possible. Later, the town has renamed "Hanovi" (originally "Anovi") beacuse it was where caravans rested. The modern name dates from 1870, when in single day building of school, churcj and captain's home began. However, almost all the original buildings were destroyed during the Balkan Wars. At thet gas remained is the old church of Sv. Preobrazenje, built in 1862 as a monument to a Montenegrin victory in the battle against the Turks. After Zabljak became was established as a town, stores and cafes were opened. As such, in the 1880s Zabljak became a market town, leading it to became administrative center of the region.

NUSA and OC welcome address

It is a great pleasure to invite and welcome all athletes, officials and guests to the European Universities Karate Championship in Zabljak – Montenegro 2015.


In its long and rich history, Montenegro always knew to recognize true values and values are not just material but its maturity and its skill to build its way to European integrations on lasting and universal principle of frankness and co-existence, as old European country. Therefore we always greeted guests with a joy and open heart especially sportsmen from all meridians. We were and we will be a good host worthy of glorious Montenegrin tradition to all.


We are convinced that all participants will experience an event characteristic by high level sport, international exchange and a lovely atmosphere. As a young member of EUSA and as a country we will do everything to make top-level organization and you to have nice memories from this competition.


We greet you once again and we believe that during your staying in Montenegro you will feel as at your own home.

Welcome to Zabljak 2013.
Organizing Committee